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Какова стратегия Probux ?
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DavidNixДата: Вторник, 07.07.2020, 11:09 | Сообщение # 663
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Voters voice their position to bligh newman

Election commissioner Ian Stewart said on Thursday that the latest results had cast doubt on claims that the Coalition's decision to put all state and territory electors to a secret ballot had upset the Australian public.

The results, however, showed the Coalition victory was not driven by a change in voter preferences since 2010, when a second secret ballot was used, when the parties had a clear majority of preferences.

"It is a long-term trend over time of lower turnout, it's an enduring one and it has nothing to do with the Liberal Party," Stewart told AAP on Thursday.

'Not sure why we don't get a national result'

Stewart said the election could have been cancelled by a failure of the national computer networks and by the Government not having a strong enough candidate in the last seat of the last electoral map in the South Australian seat, the one that had fallen to the Coalition and was now tipped to Labor.

The Liberal Party candidate from the previous poll, the Liberal MP John Williams, could be in danger in Goulburn, he said, but the Labor Party was likely to win in the marginal.

"Our expectation is that this is a result that is not influenced by these things," Stewart said.

A spokesman for the Labor Party said the party was "proud of the hard-fought campaign" and "we will never rest until we win all of Adelaide".

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten congratulated the Coalition and congratulated the Australian people for being one of the few parties to turn out for the ballot.

"The Australian people got a great vote out on Thursday night," Shorten said on Thursday.

"As one of the only seats on the list of 10 seats that has got a genuine opportunity to become the new parliament, and this is a seat that the Australians will love, Bill will be talking to <Labor> leader in two weeks to ask his party to keep fighting for people's rights and for fair and just laws.

"If they don't, let me know."

NDP candidate Andrew Hastie congratulated the Coalition and said the "strong showing" of the Liberal and National parties in regional Sydney and in Victoria was "good news for Labor and all the other parties who need to stand up against these extreme views and come together in defence of democracy".

Labor leader Bill Shorten will hold an emergency meeting to address the results.

"We've won big in the South Australian seat of Goulburn... Australians have had a vote of confidence, they've gone out and elected a strong candidate and given the Coalition a fair chance.

"And you know what? We'll have a whole bunch of great candidates in the future, an
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Work begins on stormwater recycling project

"This has been really exciting," says Dr. Raff, whose lab is one of several to test out the new devices. "We've come to appreciate the many different uses that the recycling technology can make. The results show that we could make a tremendous amount of money while helping address the very real health concerns that plague a lot of people."

In the lab, Dr. Raff and colleagues have been testing the new devices on water collected from sewers, from stormwater pipes and in the trash can below homes and businesses, and they're also developing a way to attach the devices to objects and surfaces for recycling. "Our initial aim is to get the technologies operational and tested before moving to wider commercial application."
DonteutireДата: Вторник, 07.07.2020, 19:02 | Сообщение # 664
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ZacharyJonseДата: Среда, 08.07.2020, 23:15 | Сообщение # 668
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Rabbi inaction failed sex abuse victims royal commission finds

"The committee did not ask the rabbi, in fact he didn't make it clear who would cover for him."

His advice for the committee was ignored, she said.

The panel heard how the alleged victim said she had to work extra hours for Rabbi Yefim, adding he refused to answer her questions about how his office ran.

The panel heard from several other victims who have had repeated experiences of Mr Yefim failing to meet them during their visits.

In one case the committee heard a victim who says Mr Yefim was given three phone numbers and that one number was not answered.

The court heard when the group called, Ms Mengele sent her husband a text message saying he had told the police that a bomb was on their property.

A second group of victims, including two brothers, who each claimed they received a text message in July from Rabbi Yefim saying he would pick them up soon, told the court they had spoken to Mr Yefim during the first meeting on 16 August.

"I was afraid I would lose face," said the brother, a former student of his brother's.

But he said that Mr Yefim would not answer any questions about the incident, which allegedly happened in 2012.

The brother claimed he was at a friend's house when the alleged incidents took place and a number of police officers showed up with no explanation.

They would not tell him that the police had arrested a person named 'Mefi' for the alleged offences, the brother said.

Mr Yefim denied that the victims had been mistreated. "I had never mistreated anyone in my life. I have never threatened to kill anyone and I always took any problem that came to my attention very seriously," he said.

A third woman who claimed to have been raped by Rabbi Yefim's brothers, also a student of Mr Yefim's, has said she was not forced to give up her virginity, saying he helped her feel free to talk to a friend.

Rabbi Yefim was appointed by former prime minister Ehud Barak in 1993 and is a veteran political politician in Israel, often regarded as a close ally.

The inquiry heard that Mr Barak appointed Rabbi Yefim to a high-ranking government post in 2007.

His appointment to the ministerial post, which included the promotion of the religious right and an attempt to reinstate the death penalty, came after a series of controversial moves by the then opposition parties.
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Long term flood assistance needed in qld warwick

The Federal Government should provide the Queensland Government with emergency flood insurance for flood damage to Queensland's South Coast.

This will save Queensland up to $50 million a year in flood damage, and create up to 800 jobs over the next 12 to 18 months.

As emergency assistance is in place, flood insurance should not have to come from Queensland's budget.

This should be offered to flood victims through regional flood insurers such as Centrelink, which the Government already provides emergency assistance to.

Queensland has a flood insurance scheme which pays out to flood victims up to half the standard rate.

We need the Federal Government to also extend flood insurance to the Northern Territory. This will also save Queensland up to $150 million a year.

This should also go to the Northern Territory if an insurance claim is received within 24 hours.

In the past, I've tried and failed to get the Federal Government to provide flood insurance to the Northern Territory.

I've even had my name attached to a government program in relation to Queensland's flood-related damages to people with flood liability.

In response to this, my former parliamentary candidate John Simpkins proposed that the Northern Territory get flood insurance.

In the past, the Federal Government would just give funding to Northern Territory governments.

The funding the Government currently provides to Queensland has proved to be over $30 million over the past few years – and was provided to ensure that flood-related damage to people in Queensland has not gone ahead.

The Federal Government should be providing flood insurance through Queensland's regional flood insurers.

If this is not done, Queensland will end up at the back of the line.

What would you like the Federal Government to do?
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tylenol buy onlineДата: Четверг, 09.07.2020, 20:56 | Сообщение # 669
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ZacharyJonseДата: Пятница, 10.07.2020, 22:35 | Сообщение # 670
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Tony wood gratton institute" in 2012.

In a follow-up Facebook post on June 14, Brown said "I've been a member of a civil rights group called the American Coalition Against State Violence (ACOSS) and I've been involved in the development of civil rights policies and organizations for almost twenty-five years.... ACOSS supports the rights of persons on all sides of the social and political spectrum. As a civil rights group, ACOSS has always strived to ensure that our advocacy activities support civil rights goals and objectives, both domestically and internationally. Our core missions are to increase the civil rights movement worldwide, to promote civil rights education, and to advocate for a more tolerant and equal society."

On August 24, Brown filed a lawsuit against the city, its board of supervisors and other city employees claiming violations of her First Amendment rights, violation of her civil rights under New Jersey's attorney-client privilege and violation of her rights under state and federal civil rights laws as well as state income taxes for both income tax withheld from her salary and that of her employer.

She also claimed the city owes her $100,000 in back wages because she didn't properly file an income tax return for three years.

The lawsuit seeks $250,000 in damages and attorney fees.

City lawyers and officials have said they are "confident" the settlement is fair.
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Uphill battle for wa govts electoral changes", Washington Post, 13/3/2011.

Kerry. "Romney has told us what we already knew, namely that he will nominate Obama and then try to change the rules of the nomination through legislative channels to ensure a victory for the Democrat."

Bain's interview with Kerry, in "Obama Wins the Battle for Iowa" (11/13/11) by Ben Wittes. <The>Washington Post, 11/13/11]

Kerry. "But no matter who wins on March 5th it doesn't mean you go away."

Bain. "And if you can change the rules on the floor of the Democratic caucus, and win, you can change the rules by the end of the year or later, if you're in charge."

Kerry. "And if you're not going to change it then it's not going to change anyway so we should focus on winning".

Bain. "So if you're not going to change it then you don't have to change it".

Kerry. "Because if you don't it will still be a contest over who got the votes, right?"

Bain. "Right. Because that is now the real test."

Kerry. "Because so long as the rules on the floor of the Democratic caucus stay the same, as we are going to do, and if it moves any further that's going to make it harder to change and harder to change quickly."

Bain. "And at that point there may be more Republican states."

Kerry. "No. They may be more Republican state parties. So in that sense you may not be able to get enough Democratic votes to change it."

Bain. "Now the fact that you don't change the rules then means that it hasn't been altered yet. But this is not like 'The Long Tail' where some of them change their rules. All of them change their rules in very short order after the general election".

Kerry. "No."

Bain. "That shows that there was not a whole lot of momentum to change it by the end of the year. So you would still have Iowa in early March. You would still have New Hampshire early March, and some of the Midwest states, like California, and some of the South then also could go to the Republican side and could win those states.

Kerry. "I mean you think a lot of Republican members of Congress would vote to do that?"

Bain. "You would have to wait for a bit of political support, it was probably not likely to come from the caucus to see how much that would translate into support."
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